Never give up on your dreams! 
I remember when I started following Yanko Design around 2003-2004 and as a schoolboy I dreamed that one day I would make a design that would inspire others and be written about. At the time it seemed impossible from Hungary. 20 years have passed and now my work is being written about. What an honour. 
Thank you for Sarang Sheth
Cover design, or what was the poet thinking?
I've been chasing the secret of perfect proportions in all areas of design for over twenty years, and there are a few ideas that work well in design practice. The aim of my article is to give you a behind-the-scenes insight into how to build a visual system around motifs by applying and breaking a multitude of rules through cover design.
I am pleased to inform all my clients and partners that due to the expansion of the LASKY DESIGN team, we have opened our new design and engineering office in Budapest. We are open for new innovative assignments and feel free to contact us.
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